1. These cables are of high quality and specifically useful for my music setup. My synthesizers powered by USB all use these cables because of the right angled connector. This way the synths can be placed closer to walls and in cabinets, etc. Of course the are also perfectly useful in any other setup. Another quality BlitzWolf product. Recommended!

  2. Заказал 17.01.2020, получил на почте в Витебске в РБ 22.02.2020. Все соответствует описанию, только отсутствует наружная нейлоновая оплётка.

  3. Megszokott Blitzwolf minőség. Jó anyagok, tisztességes kidolgozás, strapabíró.

  4. I received the cables in good condition. The cables are a bit expensive IMHO however great fast service. Air shipment took ~15 days by registered mail from warehouse to The Netherlands. I think in the end, these cables are much higher quality though than cheapest USB-c cables. Cables feels solid, rugged and tested for Fast charging ~3A is A-OK without cable becoming warm in any way. I would not recommend the 2m length.

  5. Good quality cable, I recommend.

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