1. SK – Produkt dorazil v poriadku a bez problémov. Kábel vyzerá byť veľmi kvalitný, z dobrých materiálov a myslím že dlho vydrží. Verím si že nedokážem zničiť tento kábel normálnym používaním. Ďakujem Banggood. ENG – The product arrived in order and without problems. The cable looks to be very high quality, made of good materials and I think it will last a long time. I believe I can’t destroy this cable with normal use. Thank you Banggood.

  2. Sem dúvida, umas das melhores marcas de acessórios para celulares, BlitzWolf sempre me surpreendendo com a qualidade de seus produtos, cabos muito resistentes, material de primeira, carregamento rápido, Levou 47 dias para chegar até o interior de Mato grosso – Brasil.

  3. Cabo aparentemente com boa qualidade, cabo grosso. O Tipo C entra um pouco justo no celular, fiquei com receio, sempre na hora de colocar ou tirar tem que forçar um pouco. Micro USB entra super de boa no celular. tamanho ótimo.

  4. everything on this device is built solid. all 4 ports work great usb type c works for charging devices and works to charge the unit device it also has a micro usb option to charge it. the usb ports work great too. highly recommend for the price. the maximum wattage isn’t 1 port. it’s all 3 ports combined power. so don’t expect to get a true 18w fast charge on devices that say that. I got about 9w

  5. Really good powerbank with two inputs and three outputs. The USB-C input is an output too. In this input is quickcharge compatible (I tested: 9V / 2A via an Umidigi X charger). Capacity pumped in charge mode is 95 Wh, and 65 Wh in discharge mode. 17.500 mAh calculated by 3.7 V, allowing the efficency the capacity of the internal battery is really 20.000 mAh (on 3.7 V). You could use 13.000 mAh on 5V (65 Wh / 5 V). Really good! It is equal with Xiaomi 2C power bank! Very important: do not use the

  6. Working, but its only 18W of power at summary, does not support charging and discharging power bank at the same time, here is my video about this item : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdGlUp4zF40

  7. جيد ولاكن لم يصلني إلا رأس شحن السمسونج ولا يمكنني شحن الايفون و لا الهواوي . يجب أن تكون الرئوس الثلاث موجودة مع المنتج

  8. unfortunately this cable does not allow fast charging and I believe this is because there is no data connection. Only 2 contact areas on the magnetic interface means no data. Otherwise the cable looks nice…

  9. O produto chegou em 22 dias corridos, o cabo é reforçado com nylon. Ótima qualidade muito bom, obrigado!

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